Product Description

NRB rubber foam hot air vulcanization production line
High extrusion speed
High degree of automation and safety
Low maintenance cost
Continuous vulcanization
Less labor required
Lifetime technical support
This kind of pipes and plates can be widely used in air conditioning, solar energy, heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, fitness equipment, Taekwondo protective gear, new floating materials, new life jackets, etc.
Our equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.
We provide turnkey services, including installation, commissioning, formulation, process and training.
Hot air vulcanizing furnace
Equipment function:
This equipment is mainly used for vulcanization, foaming and conveying of rubber products. Mainly used for foamed or non-foamed rubber pipes, plates, handles, sheaths, profiles, sealing strips, etc., using high temperature hot air to vulcanize rubber products to meet the required performance requirements of the product.
Adopt advanced dual-circulation air ducts, centralized heating design, dual-stage temperature independent control technology, with uniform temperature distribution, stable vulcanization, etc.。
Conveying method: stainless steel roller or mesh belt.
Heating method: electric heating or natural gas heating.
Major equipment
Rubber cutter, internal mixer, open mixer, extruder, hot air vulcanizing furnace, cooling roller, fixed-length cutting machine.
NBR, PVC or EPDM and other materials.
Production process
Mixing—extrusion—vulcanization foaming—(other deep processing)
Warranty period
12 months
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